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Discover the great variety of birds surrounding our center next to Pipeline Road in Gamboa. Walk on our trails and relax observing the hummingbirds at our Visitor Center at the borders of Soberanía National Park, at only 40min by car from Panama City.
The Panama Rainforest Discovery Center is an ecotourism and environmental education project administrated by the Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann, of which the objective is the conservation of birds through environmental sustainability projects.

sounds, sights, smells

Forests full of live

The dripping mist from the leaves, the monkeys howling in the morning, the frogs croaking, and thousands of birds filling the silence.  These are the hosts and you are the visitor.

Our Facilities

Designed and built as sustainable architecture, with recycled materials and clean technologies.

Visitor Center

Solar panels and rainwater collectors make this self-sustainable open structure of 140m2 stand up in the middle of the jungle minimizing it's impact on the environment. This is the place where all the hiking trails start.

Built with 70% of recycled materials from the old Canal Zone constructions, features a deck, cellar, 2 bathrooms. You can sit back and enjoy the variety of hummingbirds while having a free cup of coffee or hot tea.

Observation Tower

200m  from the Visitor Center, along a gravel path and wooden walkway, you will find our observation tower.

A spiral staircase of 174 steps brings you to the resting & observation platforms every 8m until you reach the top deck at 32m high, just above the forest canopy.

Forest Trails

A 1.1 km circuit of trails through the forest with difficulties from easy to moderate. Built 1.2m wide on fine gravel with 2 resting locations. 

One, at the edge of the Calamito Lake with a small deck with benches great for observing water wildlife.

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Didn't bring binoculars?

Our Container-Store have you covered!

At the main entrance you'll see our Container-Store where you can buy tickets and rent binoculars at our small small shop.  You can also buy water, cold drinks, snacks, hats, t-shirts, raincoats, mosquito repellent and many other items as well to access to bathrooms.

Birdwatchers: this is for you

blue bird on a green branch

Our Bird List

The Pipeline Road is one of the most renowned places in the world for bird watching. Here, in 1985, was established a record number for a bird count organized by the Audubon Society, when 385 species were identified in 24 hours.

Visiting Hours, Pricing & Reservations

Regular visiting hours

We are open from 6:00am to 4:00pm

  • Turists/Non-residents entry fee: 30.00USD
  • Residents entry fee: 12.00USD

Night Walks

Night walks start from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Enjoy a different path and different noises and inhabitants of the forest

  • Donation is 30.00 plus regular entrance fee.

Where to get your tickets

Tickets for regular visiting hours are available for purchase at the front desk at the Container-Store, we accept cash and credit cards.
No reservation required.

Planning ahead?

Make a reservation!
We can make reservations for groups up to 25 persons.  Click here to fill up the reservations form

Traveling with kids?

Residents/Non-residents kids' entrance fee is 5.00USD.
*Minors are not allowed on the observation tower.

Hungry Sundays

Every Sunday, from 11:30am to 3:30pm you can lunch a delicious fried fish with plantains. Value 12.00USD

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  • During your visit

    You can leave your contribution at the Visitors Center. Payable in cash or check to "Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann"

  • At our offices

    In Panama City, visit the Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann office. Payable in cash or check to Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann

  • Online

    Credit Card

Scientific Projects

Read about the projects we've done with collaborations of international organizations and universities.

How to get here

On your own? Read this first

  • Public Transport:

    The only bus service that goes to Gamboa is the Gran Terminal Nacional de Transporte in Panama City, by Albrook Mall. We do not recommend this option as the buses are not entirely reliable and the bus stop is 5 Km from our entrance. In the case you do take the bus, ask the driver if it's possible to be dropped off at the Smithsonian dock, 2.5 Km from the entrance.

  • Taxis:

    There are no established fees. We recommend you agree on a two way fee with the driver, and that you pay at the end of your trip to ensure your return from Gamboa

  • Car Rental:

    Rent a car to visit us and take the chance to get to know other spots in the area like the Soberanía National Park, Summit Botanical Garden, and Miraflores Locks.

  • Uber / Cabify:

    Uber and Cabify are reliable options and a bit expensive but not as expensive as a taxi.  If you can chose the type of car, an SUV will be better to reach the visitor's center faster than a sedan.  Try to get a 2 way trip as the internet connection is a bit scarse.